Kipple transportation

8 August, 2008

To be fair, not much of my clobber is true kipple, but right now it is kind of a problem. The things you own, own you…

Q. How to move my stuff to Ireland?

  • Distribute nonessential kipple around the country, take essentials in a couple of suitcases and buy more things when I get  there. Cost: £50 plane ticket plus whatever I need to replace. This is the most  likely option.
  • Load up a car or two and take it across on the car ferry. This costs about £250 per car, plus car insurance, petrol to get to the ferry port at the far end of Wales, and the slight issue of my car ending up in the wrong country.
  • Packing company. My dad got a quote: £376.00 plus VAT per cubic metre and five days to ship it! Keeps nasty boxesss!
If only it was this easy.

If only it were this easy.


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