Things I will miss, #1

10 August, 2008

Went to Tamworth last Thursday.

Click click slide.

Oh no, not again...

Oh no, not again...

There’s no snowdome in Ireland (yet). Just one of these, and I happen to like my thumbs. Perhaps it’s time to head out somewhere else



  1. I will miss the ducks. And the game chart. And all other assorted wall kipple/science. I will not miss the shower. Or the temperature. Or the bills.

    I will miss you, pickle.

    I will also continue to call you pickle despite (to spite? in spite of?) your protests.

  2. oh yeah! (Re:blackcomb) 😀

  3. […] When I left the UK, I knew there would be a few things I’d miss. Ireland doesn’t have a snowdome, and you can’t get sweet popcorn, and for all its musical tradition it doesn’t have a […]

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