Game chart, week 10

11 August, 2008

It’s the final full week to be added to this chart.

Game Chart, week 10

Game Chart, week 10

What did we learn?

  • Trying to reverse-engineer The Game is a really bad idea. In Soviet Russia, and indeed in our house, game reverse-engineers YOU!
  • It’s possible to have an entire conversation about The Game without losing.
  • Mental links, trying to remember things, music and memes are the strongest triggers.
  • We may be taking this too seriously.


  1. This weekend I was again accused being a fascist in relation to the game. The clue is in the title, people, it’s a *game*. Perhaps I am too involved, but: 1) It has given me a legitimate reason for ownership of multicoloured felt tip pens (not that a legitimate reason is really necessary in this case), and 2) It has meant I can never walk past a bin or a postbox without cursing. Swings and roundabouts, and comedy all the way 🙂

  2. The Game chart, like the mushroom clouds of nuclear bombs on judgement day, is both beautiful and deadly.

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