17 August, 2008

I needed bedding, toiletries and a hundred and one other bits, and it was raining. Specifically, the fat, grey kind of rain that says “I can do this all day if I want to”. It was accompanied by the kind of wind that performs complex geometrical transformations on unsuspecting umbrellas. My shoes were soaked through by the time I got to the bus stop. To add insult to impending trenchfoot, nobody else looked wet. Either two years of car ownership has made me nesh or there is a knack to living here that I don’t know yet.

The Spire is impressive in the rain: 120m worth of collected rainwater cascades over the engravings and disappears into a gap at the base.

I now have bedding, tolietries and most of the bits I need. My shoes are still soaked through. I need them to dry out so I can wear them to go shopping for dry shoes. Error.



  1. These posts make me wonder…
    How does one obtain Internet access in Ireland at quarter to eleven on a Sunday night?
    Useful survival information for future visits.

  2. Aha! So the blog continues even without a PC. Clever stuff!

  3. I borrowed Rani’s laptop for that post, and I’m writing this on a Mac (shudder) with free Internet that I found on campus. Other than that, I’m offline, disconnected, disoriented and confused 😦

  4. “Offline, disconnected, disoriented and confused” – you sound like Andromeda from the Fred Hoyle novel…

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