20 August, 2008

Monkey Island was easy: use the yellow petal with the meat to drug the dogs to get into the mansion and use the file to get the idol… see, straightforward and perfectly logical.

UCD on the other hand: use the registration letter with the bank teller to get the bank account. Use the bank account to register and get the letter… wait, what?

Still, some progress: my bike is fixed, pumped, secured and reflective, and I’ve been riding around campus to get my bearings. It’s much like Loughborough, but bigger, flatter and with less variation in the buildings. The fountains and plants are lit up at night, and like all good campuses there are some truly bizarre sculptures dotted about. Pictures to follow, when I have gone online to order a laptop with which to go online.

I have an Irish sim card. My new number is on Facebook.

The SU shop may be short on useful things like paper, but they sell surprisingly good salted popcorn so all is forgiven.



  1. All sounds very Irish to me……

  2. […] my nerdcave in Dublin, so I have to wait for them to turn up and bring them back again. This is all horribly […]

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