28 August, 2008

Plan A: get haircut

Plan B: buy hat

In other news: I have a bank account! Just the PPS to go, then I will stand a chance of getting some scholarship money at the end of October :-S


  1. Hats:

    a) last much longer on haircuts on account of not growing

    b) are also good at keeping your head warm and dry

    Wins all round.

    Was the PPS not supposedly the easy bit? I am confused. And how goes the getting-the-internet-to-buy-a-laptop-with-which-to-go-on-the-internet?

    Gemma took a photo of our game chart. It is… wide. In order for it to be legible there is going to be several photos and some piecing together on Photoshop.

  2. On?? I meant “then”. Also, Crystal points out a logic error. Hats only last longer if you don’t lose them.

  3. And I meant “than”. Bum.

  4. epic fail Abi 😉
    Hats are harder to keep on your head, either:
    A) drunk girls try to steal them
    B) they fall off your head*

    * the falling off of the head might only take effect in rock clubs… It’s definitley an issue to investigate though.

  5. hahahah….

    “Hair Grows”…keep repeating this to yourself…”Hair Grows”…

  6. comment

  7. test 2 of stealing stephen’s logo

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