29 August, 2008

Today I have a PPS number and a new housemate (probably).

My housemates are:

  • Seamus: not a fireman but a fire engineer (checks buildings for fire safety, investigates fires, that kind of thing). His favourite word is “bluffer”.
  • Rani: a chemical engineering student from India. She’s writing up and stressed out.
  • Flo: an archaeology student from the Netherlands, currently working in a very boring job. She’s leaving in a few weeks.
  • Heather: a veterinary student from Ireland, back from Africa in a few weeks.
  • <insert new housemate here> probably Valentino, an ERASMUS student from France.
  • Prudence the dog.

I spent this afternoon in the lab learning to use LaTeX. Abi, you would like it, it has four different kinds of hyphens 🙂



  1. Bluffer?? I require clarification of context 🙂

    Mm… hyphens. I have spent the past 15 minutes linking off the LaTeX Wikipedia page. Only reading the section headed ‘The typesetting system’ I can see why you were interested 🙂

  2. Some examples:

    On Prudence pretending to be cute and friendly: “Prudence, you’re a bluffer.”

    On potential housemates assuring us that they are immaculately tidy: “They’re all bluffers.”

    On the Irish: “Bluffers!”

  3. /me plans to get Seamus on a poker table…

  4. […] then-housemate Seamy says a lot of strange things, so I didn’t expect an actual tea company to result. But over […]

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