Timmy, fetch me my tools

1 September, 2008

This weekend I have been mostly frightening my housemates by taking things apart. I would like to point out that not only did I put them all back together, but 66% of them worked better afterwards. I concede that the CD player is still broken. I will be back. With WD40.

Seamus has now asked me to fix his 8-track. While I think it can be done, there is a risk that it will result in the Beach Boys.

The French ERASMUS student decided not to take the room, so we’re still looking for another housemate.



  1. Ah… that long tradition of frightening your housemates by taking things apart ;p By what science did you measure this 66% success rate? Are you still going to Steampunk the CD player?

    I wore a hat to Asda yesterday rather than style my hair. You are obviously cool, with your fashion spreading ways.

    Beach Boys definitely *not* bluffers. Actually, possibly their music is with its enforced cheeriness… but in an unfortunate use of the word that makes me twitch. Also, the boys themselves with their excessive drug use? Not so much I should think.

    I am so impressed that Seamus owns an 8-track!

    “I’m picking up good vibrations…”

  2. You have a beach – ergo – you must have Beach Boys. Sadly, where you are, it may be a case of “Don’t go near the water” (Surf’s up – 1971)

  3. […] liberal WD40, delicate messing with springs and a good solid Engineer’s Thump, the kitchen CD player now works for long enough to play at least two […]

  4. […] vinyl sounds of James Brown and Thin Lizzie (the 8-track capability remains untested because the Beach Boys are lost somewhere under a heap of […]

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