Free stuff!

2 September, 2008

The annual scrounge begins, and it’s not even Freshers Week yet. My haul so far:

  • a 4GB USB stick (after attending a very boring presentation on How To Log On)
  • a loaf of bread
  • a packet of instant noodles (artificial chicken flavour)
  • two condoms
  • two packets of Haribo
  • a can of Red Bull
  • a shopping bag (carrier bags are 22c by law here)
  • a tub of moisturiser
  • a pen
  • money off vouchers (Burger King, Boots, condoms, insurance, Subway, a club, hairdressers, pizza, coffee, etc)
  • an MP3 download from a band I’ve never heard of
  • a notebook
  • today’s Irish Examiner paper
  • an Ents Guide
  • a calendar
  • 4 days’ trial gym membership
  • a Meteor sim card


  1. Having a unhealthy (in all senses of the word) knowledge of instant noodles thanks to the wonder of Birmingham Chinatown and a general effort to look more sophisicated than the Modern Apprentice who has nasty UK “Cup Noodles” instead of slightly less nasty ol’ school Japanese “Cup Noodles”, I have yet to find a “Real Chicken Instant Noodle”.

    Where are they, and do the RSPB know? I ask this since the only way that could be achieved is by having an actual live (yet probably dehydrated) chicken in a cup surrounded by noodles, and then pouring boiling water on it’s head.

    Oh and try IndoMie Special Chicken Flovour Noodles. Mmmm…and it’s Halal, says so on the packet…

  2. ahhh, red bull and haribo… the staple diet of a phd student đŸ˜‰

  3. […] Nomnomnom Back in Freshers Week with nothing better to do, I entered all the competitions in the freshers’ freebie bag. […]

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