Keeps nasty noodles

4 September, 2008

Recently I have learned that:

  • Free noodles do not taste good.
  • Cider vinegar is a pretty good substitute for white wine vinegar in sweet’n’sour (it’s sweeter).
  • Tinned spinach looks just as unappetising as it did in Popeye, smells bad and tastes nothing like the real thing.
  • Dogs will eat free noodles and tinned spinach.


  1. So. Asda in Peckham sells *8p* noodles. Not even 9… now thats value. Probably they taste as good as the free ones.

    Whatever made you think that tinned spinach was a good idea?? Only Popeye eats it in the cartoon and there’s a reason -!!

    Obviously the dog has dubious taste 😉

    Fresh back from wedding. Too tired to type in full sentences…. speak soon xx

  2. Free noodles and tinned spinach, eh – things must be bad. I could investigate bulk shipping of courgettes via Holyhead if you like…

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