New people

5 September, 2008

Heather has moved back in for her third year of veterinary science. “All my courses this year end in -ology,” she says. This morning she took delivery of a year’s supply of tins and packets from Tesco. Not a bad strategy, when the alternative is lugging them back from the shops in the rain. I might avail of the same thing.

Very Irish phrase, that. You don’t use things around here, you avail of them.

I also met Howell, another of the new PhD students. He’s based in Limerick and looking at agents for managing distributed software faults. We discussed strategies for cycling in the rain without getting wet, something neither of us managed today.

My shoes are soaked through. Again.


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  1. […] more Irish idioms I think I’m gradually getting the hang of it. I still can’t differentiate anyone’s accent, though. Irish: […]

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