A day in the life

8 September, 2008
  • Biked all over campus looking for a building not actually on campus
  • Attended very interesting seminar about diagrams
  • Attended less interesting seminar about 3D visualizations
  • Ate popcorn for lunch
  • Met with Mel. Mel said “Keep reading
  • Admin regarding demoing on a third-year OOP module, starting on Wednesday
  • Chatted to PhD student about alligator wrestling
  • Captioned Prudence
  • Fetched coffee, streamed music and started work at 6.30

Life is good 🙂



  1. 6.30? luuuuxury

  2. That is, of course, 6.30pm. There is no other kind of 6.30.

  3. […] what’s your PhD about? First I was happily unsure. Then I was more sure and less happy. Then there was a fit of gloom and […]

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