12 September, 2008

Shopping in Dublin on a Saturday is not my idea of a good time. You dodge shoppers, pushchairs, mime artists, buskers, street-cleaning machines, people taking photos, drunks, people with luggage, cyclists, beggars, jugglers, tour guides, trams, people with clipboards, horses, important statues, people holding signs, lost people, gardai, strawberry sellers, only to discover that it’s not any less chaotic inside the shops.

So I went yesterday instead. I now own:

  • Waterproof shoes from a hiking shop. Allegedly waterproof, anyway. Time will tell.
  • Another pair of headphones for the lab. Discovering that I’ve left my headphones in the wrong place and hence being unable to access music is unacceptable. It took some time to decide between the lightweight all-day type headphones and the mad 1337 DJ-style bass-response headphones. Drum’n’bass without bass is, after all, just drum šŸ˜‰ But I took pity on my labmates, and my ears, and my wallet…
  • Bowls to put herbs in so I can water them. Then I watered them. Then I lost the game.
  • Paneer cheese, bamboo shoots and coconut milk from the awesome Asian Food Company.
  • An apple, unexpectedly received from a bored person with a clipboard.

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