Compost bin

15 September, 2008

After a year of fruitless trips to Argos, Heather has finally succeeded in purchasing a compost bin. We built it on Saturday. I suspect that Prudence will consider a large bin full of food to be a challenge rather than an eco-friendly effort. Hopefully this will a) provide compost for the garden we’re planning, and b) reduce the house bills. In Ireland there is no council tax but bin collection is charged by weight. This causes enthusiasm for recycling everything that looks remotely recyclable.



  1. That’s a really cool system! What are you ladies planning on cultivating in this garden of yours?

    And there could be science done with Prudence as a willing ally. There definitely has to be a relationship between intelligence of dog and length of time it takes to get into the compost bin. Also, an additional study into the methods used by said dog 🙂

  2. The dog is in the bin. Through the door at the bottom. Judging by the evidence she has eaten some mouldy broccoli and some dead flowers. It’s not that we don’t feed her, I think it’s more a matter of principle.

  3. Maybe its a status thing. She must prove to the other dogs that she is capable of these things. Or perhaps she is a secret philanthropist and sneaks the food you give her to local strays… thus leaving her hungry.

    Evidence…? *worries*

    Today we were finally visited by Tag-the-Standoffish-Cat. All it apparently took was the landlord (his owner) to be in the flat with all the doors open. For about an hour.

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