Game Chart III week 4

15 September, 2008
Game Chart Dublin, week 4

Game Chart Dublin, week 4

A relatively quiet week on the Game front. However, we have a bin crisis and I am considering re-reverse-engineering the Game. See how I risk my sanity for the cause.



  1. I’m not on your chart yet, despite being quite an active participant in the London effort. Upsetting.

    Also, in case you STILL haven’t remembered, it’s a tesseract.

  2. Well, up until now you haven’t made me…

    … lose.

    Dammit. You’re going on the Chart, Hilsdon.

    Tesseract. Thank you.

  3. Being called by my last name makes me think back to high school – my history teacher used to call me “young Master Hilsdon” which was great.

  4. Your chart is so much tidier. I feel shamed. I also just lost.

    We have a Chart Crisis (of such epic proportions as to warrant capital letters) – we have lost the pens!! The chart has been photographed (sponsored by Apple), but now we can’t find the green pen! And we’re on to the exciting week of green! Dammit.

    I genuinely thought it was Wednesday for about five minutes this morning.

  5. Guess who got photos of the london chart this morning… and failed to mention it

  6. I have located one advantage to being unable to find the green pen….

    ….. for the first time I remembered to put the bins out 😀

    Ah. We just assumed you didn’t.
    Could I have copies please pickle? Yours will be of a superior resolution.

  7. No,
    Tose photos are being held ransom. Expect a note made from torn up paper letters any day now.

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