The Project Previously Known As The 26 County Project: #1, City of Dublin

24 September, 2008

A quick glance at Wikipedia will tell you that this island is divided into 32 counties: 6 in Northern Ireland and 26 in the Republic of Ireland. “I know,” I thought to myself, “I’ll go and visit them all and send myself a postcard from each one. I will call it ‘The 26 County Project’. It will be fun”.

It’s not that simple, of course. The Gaels divided the island into five cúigí or fifths, the British into the “traditional” 32 counties, and currently the Republic of Ireland is divided into 29 administrative counties and five cities.

I thought County Dublin would be easy because I live there, but it doesn’t technically exist. It was divided up in 1994 into the City of Dublin, the County of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, the County of Fingal and the County of South Dublin.

In the interests of completeness, the Project shall be renamed and having sent and received a postcard from Dublin city over the weekend, I have 33 more places to visit.


Dublin City: done

What shall I call this Project now? Answers on a… postcard 😉



  1. the “Postcard Project of Awesomeness” obviously!
    PPA for short.

  2. woohoo, theres more! 😀

  3. Hello you. I approve wholeheartedly of this project. Are you sure you’re really not a conceptual artist?? Surely the new name is “The 25 Administrative Counties, 5 Cities and a bit more of Dublin as it is Problematic Project”.

    There is a “Thursday Club” of lectures for postgraduates at UoL. Saw this and thought of you. Of course, only saw the poster for it today. Bum.

    1. Murray McKeich: Computational Creativity

    Date: 25 September 2008
    Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
    Time: 18:00 – 20:00

    Murray McKeich is a New Zealander currently resident in Melbourne
    Australia who has established himself as a leading practitioner of digital
    media in Australasian contemporary art. Working with digital photo-media,
    his exhibition projects include printed imagery and animation. Described
    as both macabre and darkly seductive, Mckeich’s art weaves visions of
    surreal fantasy and magic from the tiny pieces of every-day debris found
    in urban and domestic environments. His recent practice uses generative
    software to autonomously breed art-works.

    McKeich believes that computational tools are about to become more
    intimately integrated with human creativity. Artists and designers will
    take on the role of creative directors while their personalised software
    will work for them in the capacity of highly trained, trusted and
    autonomous studio assistants, capable of producing finished artworks
    without direct supervision. McKeich demonstrates that this form of
    practice is possible with current off-the-shelf software and minimal
    programming skill. More difficult is the psychological challenge of
    breaking with culturally ingrained biological models of creative process
    and forming new ones that are natural and native to computational agency.

    MURRAY MCKEICH is a visiting fellow in the digital studios throughout
    September. He is a practicing artist and course co-ordinator in media arts
    at RMIT University, School of Creative Media, Melbourne, Australia. He is
    currently completing a PhD in Art/Digital Media at Monash University,

    Imagine what he could do if he had more than minimal programming skill? Taking over the world seems so possible…. 😉

  4. Am I a conceptual artist? I have no idea. What *is* a conceptual artist?

    Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists.
    Conceptual Artists are idiots.
    Conceptual Artists are artists working with ideas rather than any specific medium.
    Digital conceptual artists are the worst.
    Conceptual artists are Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles.
    Conceptual Artists are needed for the areas below: Basic Monsters.
    Conceptual artists are being recognized by exhibitions.
    Conceptual artists are so financially outgunned that they have no voice in this culture.
    Conceptual artists are adept at knocking down barriers to imagination.

    I’m none the wiser.

  5. What’s an *advanced* monster?

    Umm… depending on pretention levels on any particular day you should go with Nos 2, 3, 7, 8 & 9.

    Conceptual artists focus on the idea rather than, say, ‘I am a painter’. Its about communication and exploration, if they make things it will be out of the most appropriate stuff for that particular message/enquiry. It tends to be researchy and take the form of projects. Like Jodie’s shoes or strangers, like the photocopy I sent you in the post last week, like the game chart, like your Quixotic Quest* around Ireland. Maybe like the dude with the fridge around Ireland. I’m fairly broad in my definition.

    PS Did you type ‘conceptual artists are’ into Google?

    PPS For a brief history of conceptual art there is a nice introductory book of the same title by Tony Godfrey, ISBN-13: 978-0714833880. This is widely stocked by university libraries ;p

    * Alliteration deserves capitalisation. Actually, this is a new campaign for me. I’m thinking flyers and t-shirts.

  6. Hum. 10:19…. will Becky be in the lab yet? Probably not.

  7. […] one house to represent three counties. I feel that is not really in keeping with the spirit of the Project. That and I got up […]

  8. […] The Project lives! PPOA #3: Limerick […]

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