27 September, 2008

Hi, my name is Becky, and I can’t touch type.

Or at least, not properly. My weird hybrid typing* is fine for coding and also for eating while coding, but not so good for writing prose.

A PhD, it would seem, involves some writing. Just a bit, you know. So I have been learning to type properly. It is slow and painful. Presently, my WPM is 14 and my Problem Keys include J and F. Oh dear.

*left hand chilling out down on Ctrl, Shift and ZXCV, right hand jumping and skipping to everything else in the style of a demented crab. I blame this entirely on the unfortunate co-incidence of AmigaBASIC and piano lessons.



  1. I also cannot touch type properly. I am a lazy as hell two finger typist and I will probably stay that way for one reason – I can still type at 60 – 80 wpm, with very few mistakes. I tried to learn to touch-type a few years back and it was incredibly frustrating. Maybe one day I’ll make another go of it.

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