Three rainbows and a squirrel

1 October, 2008

Yes folks, that’s three rainbows and one squirrel in one day. At an approximate coolness exchange rate of three squirrels to one rainbow*, that’s a record ten-squirrel day. Unexpected refraction FTW 😉

  • Abi, knowing that such a thing would surely amuse me, sent me a newspaper clipping of a wobniar, or icebow.
  • The glass panes in the first floor walkway catch the light and refract spectra onto the walls nearby. Probably this has been going on all month, but I had been preoccupied with ensuring that I was carrying a piece of paper and a cup of coffee at all times to give the impression of knowing exactly where I was and what I was supposed to be doing, and not noticed it until today.
  • A genuine rainbow over campus.
  • A squirrel! The first one I’ve seen in all of Ireland.

I consider all of this an excellent omen for the project proposal** Mel suggested I write.

*That’s the Loughborough rate, of course. Given the amount of rain and lack of squirrels here, I may have to adopt an alternative rate, say around two rainbows to one squirrel or four hooded crows.

** Implementing this, assuming that it’s not already been done.



  1. A Wobniar? Adobe skills and spelling tricks I think!

    I have seen a squirrel today but no rainbows, even though it has been raining and sunning. Nor any hooded crows – only two ordinary ones. The exchange rate in Gloucestershire is clearly not the same as Lufbra or Dublin. Discuss.

  2. No no no, it’s on Wikipedia so it *must* be true! 😉

  3. but… but… but…
    It’s upsidedown :S…
    maybe the mass accelerator wossname worked afterall and the earth is now upsidedown too?
    you messing with the fragile fabric of the universe… again!!! 😛

  4. UPDATE: three rainbows, one squirrel and one fox. Awesome.

    I’m not messing with the fabric of the Universe. Wasnomedinnadoit. I don’t even know what it looks like. I just lost the game.

  5. On a related note, when we discovered wobniars we also discovered that there are, apparently, moonbows as well. They’re usually like silvery rainbows apparently.

  6. It’s true; I’ve seen one, very very faint but unmistakeably a moonbow.

    If you are lucky enough to see a rainbow from the air you see the whole circle. (scribbles diagram on back of envelope) I think, therefore, if you are flying North on a rainy afternoon (say, London -> Dublin ;)) you should sit on the right side of the plane, since rainbows are in front of you when the sun is behind you. Does that sound right?

  7. It does indeed… I think if and when I visit I will try it on the offchance since I’ve never seen one from the air.

    Failing that I’ll just have to get my bad weather rating when I start flying again so that I can engineer the opportunity 🙂

  8. RHB – the main building at college – is a *warren*. The ground floor is fine, but if you venture away from it you will start to be pursued by *giant* dust bunnies due to the age of the building. They’ll follow you and follow you but you’re doomed because although the ground floor acts in a sensible loop around the central main hall, the rest of them don’t so you’ll be walking down a corridor looking for RHB292, congratulating yourself because you’ve found RHB283 and suddenly… a DEAD END!! There’s no way out – THE BUNNIES WILL GET ME!!


    Carrying tea and a piece of paper does, in fact, help.

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