More free stuff

9 October, 2008

My modest haul from today’s Careers Fair included the nice coffee mug I’d set out to obtain, a 1Gb USB key and a handful of pens and sweets.

Dervla, on the other hand, is a seasoned freebie-hunter. She returned with a large bag full of company-branded kipple, including a mobile phone rest, a torch that clips to your monitor, a highlighter that clips to your belt, a highlighter disguised as an orange blob, a wrist-wallet type accessory and a pen that does *something* (three postgrads couldn’t figure it out), not to mention a year’s supply of stationery, an entire keyringful of USB keys and enough sweets for a week-long sugar high.

Clearly I have much to learn.



  1. “…a pen that does *something* (three postgrads couldn’t figure it out)”

    Maybe if you CAN figure it out yiu get a job?

  2. It bothered me. I Googled. It’s a PenAgain:


    It’s just for ergonomics, and not for clipping to things, opening bottles, storing data or resting your phone (why do phones need to rest, anyway?)

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