Seriously, what do I actually do all day?

9 October, 2008

I’m generally working 12-hour days (because I’ve got that new-project-enthusaism, not because I’m under a lot of pressure so far). I have a few lectures and associated work, and some demonstration duties and associated admin, and, you know, eating and blogging and assassinating and chatting. But, really, I don’t think I spend much time on Things That Are Not My PhD.

Why, then, have I still not written the one-page project proposal that I’m really keen to write from last Friday?

If you can measure it you can fix it, or so I’m told. So, to find out what I’m actually doing, I boshed together a scheduled task to run a batch file to pop up Notepad every 20 minutes in that under-appreciated .LOG mode it has, in which to write what it was I was doing at the time it popped up.

I have already noticed a beneficial side effect: ‘ooo, better get on with some work, the log file is about to pop up’.

Speaking of which… back to work šŸ™‚



  1. I love you.

    Let me know if this endeavour works – I may implement similar. Personally, I have concluded that I spend a large portion of my time staring at a wall and thinking.

  2. […] Among the many, many things I don’t know how to do in Ubuntu is set up an equivalent to my Notepad logger, so the experiment is on hold. Results for the time it ran are as follows: This explains […]

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