UCD myths and legends

13 October, 2008

No university is complete without a few stories:

  • There’s a hidden floor in between floors two and three of the library. Not found it yet but the elevator between them is suspiciously long; I intend to befriend a librarian and ask them. Heather tells me there is also a little-known floor 5 of the library accessible only by elevator.
  • There’s a network of secret tunnels running the length of campus. Probably true but probably just service tunnels. There are after all, no electricity cables anywhere on campus.
  • Pat Patterson exists. So mythical that I have heard nothing about him/her thus far.
  • The campus is built to be riot proof. Howell tells me that Rem told him that UCD campus is built to make it as difficult as possible for the students to riot, as evidenced by
    • a lake instead of a big area to congregate in
    • steps in ratios difficult to run up
    • a network of concrete walkways for the riot police to stand on
    • tunnels for the lecturers to escape

    Possibly this is true. Possibly, though, this is a legend along similar lines to Loughbrough’s Incredible Sinking Library (and indeed many other libraries, if Snopes is to be believed).

    Now that I think of it, York university also had concrete walkways and a huge lake in the middle of campus…


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  1. […] I’d already met one of my classmates, Nicole, who is a friend of Heather’s. On the way out, Nicole and I opted for the stairs rather than risk the notoriously unreliable library lifts. On the way down from the 5th floor, you pass the 4th floor, the 3rd floor, the Mysterious Dark Alarmed Authorised Personnel Only floor, the 2nd floor, the 1st floor… so it’s true […]

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