Game Chart III, week 9

21 October, 2008

Reconstructed from the weekend’s events as best I can remember:

Game Chart Dublin, week 9

Game Chart Dublin, week 9

  • Paul = a random geek at the party.
  • There was a picture of a kite at the UCD Welcome Event.
  • ‘People wishing me Happy Birthday’ was a particularly cruel link.


  1. … sorry :$
    … happy birthday… đŸ˜›

  2. Made of awesome.

    Just lost the game. Gah. How can I have looked at your chart and not lost, but thought the word ‘awesome’ and immediately it goes wrong.

    Had a wicked weekend pickle – see you again soon (Christmas…?)

    On London Chart News: I believe Stephen has put them on a computer now so all we have to do is get around to knitting and then posting all…. 7 missing weeks. Doh. We are rubbish for the science.

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