Lab space II

25 October, 2008

I have moved desks. I now share a smaller, hotter and better decorated office with Claudia and Dave and a lot of kipple, including but not limited to:

  • The parcel shelf of a small car.
  • A two-person tent.
  • A selection of dad-rock albums (Queen, Aerosmith  and so on).
  • An abandoned birthday present.
  • “BASIC Computer Programming For Students”, published in 1980 and teaching GOTO.
  • A grotty t-shirt from a conference.
  • Several packets of exam scripts.
  • Six Linux boxes that won’t boot up.
  • This whiteboard:

    Dirt. Yes.

    Dirt. Yes.

Lesson learned: don’t try to move office on a Friday afternoon. You may be operating in a timezone in which this is a perfectly sensible thing to do, but the staff who can unlock your network point go home at 4.30pm and will also be observing Monday’s bank holiday, leaving you to access an unknown wireless network on unfamiliar hardware with an inexplicable OS by yourself. Presently it sort of works and I don’t know why.


  1. Contrary to your nature as it may be, try not to question the ‘how’ until after the bank holiday. There are no answers to be had on a bank holiday. Also, generally no busses, shops, or other useful things.

    Do you have an accessible vending machine in this office?

  2. Aww, the automatic doors don’t get bank holidays off 😦

    No, I’m in the same building which has no vending machines. There’s always coffee available but I have to remember to bring in food if I’m in at “weird” times of the day. I have a box full of popcorn and apples. That should keep me going for a bit.

  3. […] I moved to a new office, only to find that my new desk was dominated by many years’ worth of accumulated junk. On several occasions I almost caved and threw it away, but I was assured that the previous […]

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