Should have stayed in bed…

30 October, 2008

Despite my best efforts to avoid it, I have the plague. I dragged myself to my 9am lecture* but my enthusiasm for data mining was considerably lower than usual. “What I need,” I thought to myself, “is a big cup of tea and a big bar of chocolate.” So I trudged off in the rain to get some cash.

Me to cash machine: “€20, no receipt please”**

Cash machine: “BEEP”

Cash machine: “Rebooting OS/2”

Cash machine: “Checking system… system ok”

Cash machine: “Please enter your card”

This left me cold, wet, hungry, uncaffeinated, coughing and spluttering, with no money and no bank card. I was not impressed.

I trudged off to the bank, filled in a “the machine ate my card” form, and then tried to get my €20, only to discover that the accursed contraption got as far as deducting €20 from my account before crashing, leaving me with €19 to my name. I filled in another form to this effect, extracted €15 and stomped off to the shop in search of comfort food.

Mmm tea. Tea makes it all better…

In other news: Steam is blocked on the campus network, Empire Earth III won’t run on this laptop, the library won’t renew my book, I have an undergrad email account instead of a postgrad one, the postgrad account application form doesn’t work, and it’s still raining.

I think I need more tea.

*missing one is excusable, missing two in a row not so good

**via the usual medium of buttons; I don’t usually talk to ATMs



  1. *hugs*

    Honey. You need honey in your tea. And also maybe in some hot whiskey.

    I hope the world has conspired against you less this afternoon.

    The library will not renew my book either. No further mental brain-licking *and* a 20p fine.

    Feel better xx

  2. […] should have stayed in bed… My afternoon did not improve. I was most surprised when Howell turned up an hour early for a seminar. Surprise […]

  3. Honey in tea? Are you sure? I was going for tea+chocolate+blanket+code 🙂

    They did eventually renew it; I think I looked sufficiently pathetic that they took pity on me. So it wasn’t a completely unproductive day.

    20p? Hmm, this brain-licking could get expensive if you’re not careful.

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