The art of procrastination

30 October, 2008

Among the many, many things I don’t know how to do in Ubuntu is set up an equivalent to my Notepad logger, so the experiment is on hold. Results for the time it ran are as follows:

This explains much.

This explains much.

  • Work. Fairly obviously: reading papers, coding projects, demonstration duties and so on.
  • Sort of work: running backups, fetching food, installing software and other tasks necessary to the completion of a PhD.
  • Not work: other than the usual suspects of ‘msn’ and ‘blogging’ there was ‘staring into space’, ‘contemplating feather’*, ‘playing with lojban’ and, of course, ‘setting up logger’.

This will not do.

*it’s a really cool feather, though



  1. Awesome feather.

  2. […] leave me mentally exhausted… but when you do the maths that’s only five hours of work. What was I doing the rest of the time? (Answer: mostly, cooking**, eating, cleaning things and running, none of which I want to cut down […]

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