Good tidings…?

31 October, 2008

I live on a big, safe estate with lots of families, so unsurprisingly Halloween is well-observed. Looking outside at about 7 o’clock, I saw hordes of small demons and witches running over the grass. I saw fairies with carrier bags, vampires darting out of the way of cars, monsters kitted out with reflective lights by their safety-conscious parents. There was shrieking and hollering and the rumble of distant fireworks*, and a general atmosphere of carnival.

When you open the door to a bunch of random demons on 31st October, the last thing you expect is a round of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Irony gets you extra chocolate 😀

*illegal in Ireland without a licence, with a €10,000 fine for possesion, but never mind. Happily Prudence is unbothered by fireworks, lending weight to Seamy’s argument that she is rather deaf.



  1. I was reminded today that it may have been geekery rather than irony.

  2. […] in the cushty D14 estate, Halloween was a friendly thing, involving cute ghosts, singing and chocolate. It’s different on the […]

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