REALLY should have stayed in bed…

31 October, 2008

My afternoon did not improve. I was most surprised when Howell turned up an hour early for a seminar. Surprise gave way to panic on discovering that my clock was still set to BST, I had completely failed to turn up for my demoing, and we had 7 minutes to get across campus to CASL. On arrival, we locked up our bikes only to be told to move them by a smug receptionist, moved them, ran into the wrong building and got shooed out again by the same guy, and slunk into the seminar 10 minutes late.

After that I went home, agreed with my housemates that, no, we don’t really need the Internet*, and went back to bed.

*with hindsight, perhaps I was sicker than I realised…


One comment

  1. …. no…. inturnetz?….
    … but… procrastination? …. :S
    hope you have a better week this one 🙂

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