Secret lives of accountants?

4 November, 2008

You are in your office.

> look

The office has a desk, a wall of shelves and a bookcase, all covered in kipple. None of it belongs to you or the current occupants of the office.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

> examine kipple

You gingerly investigate the dusty kipple. You find a green bag, a tub of powder and several books on accounting.

> read books

“The dividends proposed by S Ltd have been treated as receivable by H Ltd, and are dealt with above according to Section 1.4.50 Circumstance (2)…”

> examine tub

“Maximuscle Energy And Recovery Recovermax Drink Powder. Berry flavour”

> open green bag

The green bag contains a rope, a leather whip and a book on psychology.

> run away



  1. Sounds like you need a skip – alternatively, it’s bonfire night tomorrow….

  2. Your desk used to be occupied by an accountant who is into the bondage of a weekend – 🙂

    … strange that they would leave these most important articles behind …

  3. Sadly, Bonfire Night isn’t celebrated here. Much to my surprise, the Catholics’ attempt to blow up the English parliament is not commemorated by the Irish 😦

  4. Did you ever get around to sending that email asking who it belonged to?
    You know you want to 😉

  5. […] has gone! The parcel shelf taken away! The green bag removed! Lorna is actually very nice and not a bodybuilding-psychologist-bdsm-accountant at all. Just goes to show, you can’t judge someone by their kipple*. * After all, just […]

  6. […] welcomed and looked after. Maybe this is going to be ok after all * Leave things better than you find them, […]

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