Yesterday’s future today

13 November, 2008

Stillorgan Leisure Centre is an 80s relic, with battered coin-op motorbike races and shoot-em-ups under failing neon lights and the all-pervasive stench of E-number-flavour Slush Puppie. There is House Of The Dead. There is air-hockey. There is lots of UV*.

We went there nonetheless because Alan of the clan GameSoc blagged us all two free games of lasertag. Lasertag, for all its failed promise, is still lots of fun. Running walking about in the dark shooting wildly with both hands on the gun yeling curses and crashing into things in an orderly fashion, shooting your teammates working together… can’t beat it 🙂

In the first game, despite a spirited defence, my Blue Team was totally crushed (an embarrasing 65 points to 709). With hindsight, our strategy of “everyone hide in the base and hope for the best” was perhaps our undoing. For the second game I defected to the Red Team, and with advanced tactics (“all their base are belong to us”) we secured an 865-531 victory. Red Team FTW 🙂

For food, leisure centres being what they are, there was a choice of McDonalds or cinema popcorn. Unsurprisingly I opted for popcorn. More surprisingly, this was not my idea. I am, however, developing a slight craving for English-style sweet popcorn.

Mmm. Popcorn…

*even in the toilets, for reasons which escape me



  1. UV in the loos?

    Is it the kind that stops junkies seeing thier veins so they can’t shoot up.

  2. […] be a few things I’d miss. Ireland doesn’t have a snowdome, and you can’t get sweet popcorn, and for all its musical tradition it doesn’t have a Beckford Big […]

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