Merry Tuesday!

27 November, 2008

Data Mining exam: not awesome. This is mostly my own fault, although it was also a very confusing paper. I am rather worried about the outcome; it’s hard to judge because it’s my first exam here.

Pendulum concert in Dublin: very awesome. You know when you go to a gig and there is someone dancing with such wild abandon that everyone else moves out of their way to a) avoid being hit and b) point and laugh from a safe distance? That would have been me. I wasn’t even drinking…

I was slightly concerned to discover that the Cool Kids are now dressing as though they may be asked at any time to attend a Mr Motivator-style aerobics workout. What’s that about?



  1. They are? Oh god…

    Though I am on the lookout for 80s gear for this evening. Don’t ask, then I won’t have to tell you.

    Why am I not surprised you were the crazy? Glad you had a good time – Pendulum awesome 🙂 Come London for visit: we go DnB.

  2. Ooo ooo yes. I have still not found any DnB nights in this city, or indeed anyone who would go with me if I had. I was hoping that the flyers we were showered with after the concert might shed some light on the situation, but I think they were generic club nights.

    I am just going to assume that this 80s garb is for some kind of fancy dress, and is therefore a regrettable but short-lived aberration. Avoid cameras and pretend it never happened.

  3. I might have messed up on the camera front, but it was too cold for much effort in the end. I will link you the results if, in fact, this becomes a thing-on-the-internet.

  4. […] going to eradicate them with style. Or at least, with enthusiasm and a look of only mild confusion. I am not one of nature’s dancers, but it was fun nonetheless. When it’s done right it’s […]

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