All right, we’ll call it a draw

2 December, 2008

Two more rounds in the ongoing battle of Becky vs The Universe:

Round n-1: I was painfully reminded that biking as fast as possible around corners when it’s below freezing is inadvisable. Happily, damage was minimal and my laptop was unscathed. My front brake is now slightly stuck on; I take this as a hint to slow down.

Round n: After four dismantlings, liberal WD40, delicate messing with springs and a good solid Engineer’s Thump, the kitchen CD player now works for long enough to play at least two albums.


  1. I say the Engineers Thump™ probably did more good than the rest combined 🙂

  2. Are you disrespecting my mad 1337 taking-things-apart-and-spraying-them-with-WD40-skillz? 😉

  3. The last time I went round a corner too fast on my bike on ice I had to have a nurse at A&E bandage my knees…
    You okay?

  4. Sorry to disappoint you; no nurses involved 😉

  5. “taking-things-apart-and-spraying-them-with-WD40-skillz” don’t think anyone can doubt them….
    putting-things-back-together-such-that-no-pieces-are-left-over-skillz…. now thats a rare gift 😛

  6. Today I had to use the Engineers Thump™ to coax a recalcitrant cinema sound processor into renewed life after tinkering with it’s bits (ooh err) failed.

    Needless to say it worked first time.

  7. […] was the same *&^%ing corner too! What was that, Glynn, about PhDs and common […]

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