5 December, 2008

Back in Freshers Week with nothing better to do, I entered all the competitions in the freshers’ freebie bag.

I just had a call from someone at StudentCents.ie to say that the year’s supply of Ben’n’Jerry’s icecream I won will start in January 😀

Mmm icecream 😀



  1. How is that years supply based? Is it by calorie content by day or is it variable by time of year and relative temperature? Does it take into account the gender specific differneces in ice cream consumption or are we assuming that ice cream is gender insensitive. Can it change according to your state of mind and will it increase due to bad dates, poor results and dog interference. I demand graphs and charts and pretty yet highly informational diagrams!

    More importantly.. do you get to choose the flavour?

  2. Also on an unrelated note how does your blog know to put the same colourful abstract icon next to our posts. Can’t say i’m a big fan of mine, can i have Steve’s instead.

  3. Aieieie too many questions! I understand that icecream delivery is via fortnightly vouchers, but I predict that consumption will indeed vary due to flavour, mood, lab bogon levels, friends with spoons, available freezer space, weather conditions… if you like I will collect data and try to generate a Universal Theory of Icecream.

    It’s an identicon generated from your email address. So, no, you can’t 😛 but you could possibly reverse-engineer it to find an email address that would give you a nicer one.

  4. A universal theory of icecream, that sounds like a life’s work!

    Sorry there were so many questions i think i got carried away and i can’t believe i forgot about freinds with spoons or avaliable freezer space!

    I will look up what bogons are.

    As to the identicon, after repeated trials to see if i could steal stephen’s i find i in fact cannot. Is it just related to the email and nothing else? So in an attempt to get a more personally aesthetically pleasing one i am trying a different email address.

  5. Identicon – sounds a bit like some form of computer login fraud or possibly one of Doctor Who’s lesser known adversaries…

  6. I want ice cream science 🙂

  7. I also want ice cream.

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