10 December, 2008
Figure 1

Figure 1

UPDATE: Figure 2 showing introduction of p-variable at t=5

Figure 2

Figure 2



  1. Science! 😀
    (hypothetically ;))

  2. You don’t really do a PhD, do you? 😉 I like the hypothetical science, but feel you have yet to account for variable P (Prudence).

  3. hmm i feel its important to point out that there is a deep psycological difference (imo) between shop bought cake and homemade. Even mediocre homemade cake is better than excellent shop bought cake. Especially when you didn’t make it yourself and are having it courtesy of the hardwork of parent/housemate/spouse. 😛

  4. Please bear in mind that, following the introduction of the p-variable, it is not possible to know both the quantity of cake and the speed of it’s consumption at the same time. This is known as the Prudence Uncertainty Principle or PUP.

  5. Corollary: my cake is a wave???

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