Cake or death?

15 December, 2008

Howell and Jo invited me to their Christmas party at their home in Limerick.

The train to Limerick is slow and wobbles strangely, but does provide free Irish lessons (at least, I can now make a reasonable stab at the proper pronunciation of “Luimneach” and “Iarnród Éireann”).

I met Das Kino, Christmaschris a.k.a. The Festive One, General Squirrel, Cockney, Santa Debs and a man dressed as a Christmas tree. There was lots of mulled wine. There was a lot of cake (including Surprisingly Orange Flapjack, Surprisingly Alcoholic Flapjack, Surprisingly Cinnamonny Flapjack and Three Cherry Christmas Cake). There were a great many badgers, for reasons that remain unclear to me. There were stories of evil seagulls and songs about white socks. All in all, an excellently random gathering*.

I could have got postcards for County Limerick, Limerick City and County Clare. I failed miserably 😦 Still, perhaps it is unfair for one house to represent three counties. I feel that is not really in keeping with the spirit of the Project. That and I got up late.

I wobbled all the way back to Dublin with a bag full of cake. Mmm cake 😀

*as far as I am aware, nothing was spilled or broken, so it was technically a ‘large gathering’ rather than a party. Rules are rules.



  1. Do they not sell “I went to Limerick – and SURVIVED!” postcards at the station? It’s an achievement worth celebrating 😀

  2. […] attentive amongst you will notice that this was not my first visit to Limerick, but for Project purposes it doesn’t count without a […]

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