404 Luggage Not Found

17 December, 2008

I’m back in England for Christmas. My luggage, however, is nowhere to be seen. At first I assumed that my wreck of a suitcase had disintegrated mid-flight and the remains might be around somewhere. However, Ryanair’s helpdesk, besieged by confused and angry Poles, was less than helpful so I am home with a laptop but no power cable, some papers but no pajamas, and a worrying lack of toiletries and underwear.

If the suitcase has disappeared into the ether, this means I have lost:

  • A carefully selected wallet of 24 Albums I Can’t Survive Without. This is especially problematic given my parents’ predilection for 24-hour jazz*.
  • Some necklaces, including one I particularly liked made of science.
  • A load of clothes. I loathe clothes shopping with a passion, so the thought of emergency clothes shopping to the sound of Slade fills me with dread.
  • The suitcase itself. Woohoo!

Ah well. I guess nobody goes through life without this happening at least once…

*To be fair, presently the music is my Dad playing guitar, with the strange sounds of my brother composing music in the background. It’s good to be home πŸ˜€


  1. oh noes….!

    Skype is surprisingly good at sending files, i can “loan” if you need and indeed your power lasts long enough to do so :s

    I’m sure you will get your suitcase back in time for graduation. πŸ˜› And hopefully it will undergo some time space thingy and come back in better nick than before.
    You didn’t fly over cardiff did you?

  2. I may have done… why, is Cardiff the final destination for lost luggage? Is that where the biros and every other sock go too?

    No no no, I don’t *want* the suitcase back! It is fundamentally flawed 😦

  3. hmmm, Cardiff – rift in space and time.. basically i watched alot of doctor who this afternoon.

    maybe adding legs to your suitcase/ future replacement suitcase would be better – application of science creating a better world where suitcases roam free across the plains of… ok will stoip now that is just plain ridiculous

  4. It’s not that ridiculous… but I probably can’t afford one, and it might scare small children at the airport. Scares me, that’s for sure.

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