21 December, 2008

You need:

  • Dark chocolate, melted
  • Sloes soaked in gin
  • Caster sugar in a bowl
  • A homebrew sloe stoner (that is, a cherry stoner and a carefully scrubbed 10mm washer from the mysterious tin full of washers in your Dad’s shed. Sloes are smaller than cherries.)
  • A tall container filled with ice cold water

Stone the sloes and roll them in the sugar, then cover with melted chocolate and drop one at a time into the water* so that they cool spherically. When the chocolate has hardened, fish them out, dry and dust with icing sugar.

*from a few inches above the water’s surface, trying to avoid existing sloedrops, bits of chocolate, icecubes, the side of the jar… sounds easy, right?



  1. I, um, think it probably isn’t easy. But they sound *amazing*.

  2. My oh my. Fruit, cleverness, alcohol, chocolate, science, and icing sugar – are you sure this is legal?

    Uh, ok, are the results postable then? 😉

  3. […] involve water. They are right: although the shot-tower-inspired technique was more fun, dropping sloedrops onto boring old greaseproof paper gave better […]

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