26 December, 2008

I have a new suitcase! (Thanks Mum and Dad :-)) This one, according to the label, can be spun on its four wheels “with zero effort”. Clearly F=MA has been deprecated :S

Meanwhile, I have inadvertently provided my parents with infinite jazz


  1. ooo pretty! and Yay you with suitcase of newness.

    Thats a clever little gadget, I take it are your parents techoagreeable? I don’t think i could give mine anything like that as it would confuse them, no matter how amazing it is.

  2. You’re such a dork! But then again, I did laugh at the F = MA joke, so I guess that makes me a dork too…(but we already knew that) Happy Christmas!

    My little trip to Dublin has got postponed, but should hopefully happen before I head off to the States again. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

    Oh, and hope your exams went well

    D x

  3. […] account the laws of physics when they design their products. It’s not that my suitcase is very old, or that I do as much travelling as some people, but already the wheels have worn down to […]

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