An English Christmas

26 December, 2008

It wouldn’t be Christmas without…

  • Fridge Jenga.
  • Bad puns.
  • A minor domestic emergency (leak in the central heating, fixed by my dad with a blowtorch).
  • Secret Missions.
  • “He Is Christmas” by Take 6 (except track 7 because nobody likes it).
  • Track 7 at full volume, and my younger brother protesting innocence.
  • The Queen.
  • Chocolate coins. Nomnomnom…
  • The threat of the annual Brussels sprout. (Successfully avoided! It’s only taken me 26 years to achieve this!)


  1. Heh. Cardgames, ‘The Best Christmas No 1s… Ever!’ (loudly), the one time a year when my brother will voluntarily get up in the morning when he doesn’t have to be at work, Doctor Who and Eastenders (with mum explaining to everyone else what’s happened in Eastenders since last Christmas cos no one else has watched it)…. we may be sick of each other by Easties time but our Christmas will always be infinitely more pleasant than that experienced by the inhabitants of Walford 😉

  2. “Nomnomnom…”? I’ve always thought of it as “nymnymnym…”

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