10 January, 2009

Last year’s resolutions:

  • Learn to use Linux. First attempt: failure due to networking issues. Second attempt: mmm Linux 😀
  • Learn to use makeup. Muh. I tried, but I can’t say my heart was really in it. WYSIWYG FTW.

This year’s resolutions:

  • Fix procrastination problem. Possibly by using GTD, or Agile tricks, or rebooting the Post-It grid that worked for a while.
  • Learn some electronics. Beepy lights and flashy noises, anyone? Surely my code-addled brain can cope with digital electronics, even if the analogue side eludes me forever.


  1. This (http://www.falstad.com/circuit/) website helps immensely because it (a)has an iterative education style (b)has pretty graphics and (c)is fun(TM).

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