Still alive

10 January, 2009

The flu-induced Cloud Of Meh has finally dissipated, so here’s an update.

I met Abi in Cheltenham. There was tag-team knitting. There was a ride in a VW Beetle (complete with gentle aroma of petrol every time we went over a bump). There were bubbles. Tag-team knitting does not work very well.

I went to Loughborough. Eee by gum it’s cold up North. We stayed in and watched films: Wall-E (aww, cute), Pi (strange and awesome in that disturbing Aronofsky way), One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (depressing, but has lots of Spaced references ;)), Dr Horrible (made of awesome in three-part harmony) and Akira (inexplicably blobby).

In a surprising display of enthusiasm for shopping, I finally ordered my birthday present (a Sony Walkman MP3 player) a mere two months late. It sounds good but it can’t read the ID3v2.4 tags that SoundJuicer emits (solution: convert them to v2.3 using eyeD3). Side effects: I now know far more about ID3 tags than I ever wanted to, and MP3s on my laptop open with a hex editor instead of a music player.

I had a good Christmas (thanks especially to everyone who cooked for me) and I travel back to Ireland tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Dr. Horrible is awesome – love the commentary too – HYSTERICAL, and yet sad. Easily one of the best finds in a long time!

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