Day 1: arrival

2 February, 2009

For the record, it takes about 26 hours to get from Lincoln to Plagne Bellecôte by coach. Also, Top Gun is a lot cheesier than I remembered.

On the way everyone was presented with a bag containing a SnowTour hoodie, beer, condoms and kitchen-cleaning equipment. This selection, I assume, results from the experience of previous tours.

I met my roommates and the five of us (me, Scott, Katie, Craig and Michael) stocked up on food for the week: pain au chocolat, weird yoghurts (apple? lemon?? prune???), Emmental cheese and plenty of wine and beer.

We filled in the room’s creatively translated inventory as best we could. “Skimmer”? Er, there’s a whisk, that’s close enough. “Lid”? Plenty of lids, check. “Jam spoon”? What is a jam spoon? I still don’t know.

The group met up in the bar to collect lift passes and insurance cards and perhaps a cold beverage… then back to the room for some actual, stationary, horizonal sleep 🙂

View from our balcony

View from our balcony



  1. Jam Spoon :


  2. pomplemouse!!!!

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