Day 2: we’re not in Tamworth anymore

2 February, 2009

First things first: how do chairlifts work? Using the time-honoured technique of copying people who look like they know what they are doing, we made it to the top of a blue run.

Going up...

Going up...

Click click (deep breath) slide….

…slide more…

…still sliding…

…. oh, this is awesome…

Things I didn’t expect:

  • There are little snowballs that roll down the hills and become big snowballs. I thought this only happened in cartoons.
  • Snowflakes really do have six points. Again, not just cartoons.
  • Chairlifts are almost completely silent, and very relaxing until you are rudely dumped out onto a slope with only one foot in your bindings.
  • Snow glitters in the sunshine. Those cheesy glittery Christmas cards are spot on.
  • It was -12ºC and I was too hot.

Katie returned from her lesson covered in ice, exhausted and babbling about powder. Convinced by her tales of off-piste adventures, Scott and I signed up for intermediate lessons.

Scott, (Ben), Craig, (Victor), Katie, Michael

Apres-ski in Spitting Feathers. L-R: Scott, (Ben), Craig, (Victor), Katie, Michael


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