Day 4: fog

2 February, 2009

Snowboarding (and getting up again) uses muscles that the average computer geek doesn’t even know the name of, let alone use. By Tuesday morning we found it was easier to just report on the bits that didn’t hurt. My eyelids, ears, nose and feet were fine…

Another free morning and on the blue runs again. We accompanied two of the new boarders on their first blue run, and rode switch so we were all falling over at about the same rate.

Ey oop

Ey oop

In the afternoon, I joined the intermediate snowboarders for the next lesson, but disaster struck early on. “Hmm. Il fait du brouillard. Je suis perdu. Où sont mes amis et mon instructrice? Où est mon hôtel? Merde…”

Reunited with my group, we took on more powder and the halfpipe. Hehehe halfpipe 😀

That night was the dreaded 80s night. Much to my surprise, it was lots of fun. I managed to dispense with the awful neon-pink legwarmers I’d brought under the guise of helping Scott with his costume. Hehehe 🙂

A Smurf drinking with a Thundercat. Not something you see every day.

A Smurf drinking with a Thundercat. Not something you see every day.

Who ya gonna call?

Who ya gonna call?

The live act Huw was great, playing along with all kinds of silliness. Eventually the evening descended into that peculiar English tradition of getting drunk, locking into a circle, jumping up and down and shouting the words to some cheesy songs. Ok, that’s quite enough of that. Off to bed, there’s a mountain to slide down tomorrow…


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