Day 7: last day

2 February, 2009

Filled with confidence from the lessons, we took on a red run. It was like the best bits of the blue runs, but the mogul fields were much steeper and, well, mogully. Moguls are no fun on a board, unless you can nail jump turns every time.

We met up at a restaurant halfway down the mountain for drinks. I also took advantage of the break to use this inspired Christmas present (which was The Coolest Thing In The Universe For One Day Only) and some string to attach my camera to my board. This provoked a lot of questions from “Are you a pro?” (hehehe, no) to “Is your camera waterproof?” (um, no…)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present: BoardCam™!

I would like it known that I generally go faster than this, but a) I didn’t want to destroy my camera, and b) videocameras are a source of bogons and I lost the ability to turn as soon as I pressed ‘record’. </excuses> I stopped filming when the camera froze up. It seems to have recovered 🙂

Finally, we scraped the last of the snow off our boards, packed up and joined the coach for the journey home.



  1. I still think its spelled “Mogli” like the jungle book 😉

  2. […] by their kipple*. * After all, just because someone’s desk has post-its written in lojban, a snowboarding calendar, speakers** with the bass turned all the way up, a Darwinian, a Swooping Hawk and a […]

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