Day 8: going home

2 February, 2009

Three very cold hours later, the coach drivers decided that maybe a working alternator would be a good idea after all. We stopped at a service station for repairs.

Things to do when you are stuck in a French service station for nine hours:

  • Drink a lot of nasty vending machine drinks.
  • Play poker with sweets.
  • Play skittles with a Kinder Egg and the contents.
  • Read books in French. I read a suspense thriller* called “Qui a mangé ma salade?” (I won’t spoil the ending) and a short treatise on the effects of nutrition on insect anatomy called “Millie le milli-patte”**.
  • Eventually, out of boredom and exhaustion, curl up and go to sleep on the tiled floor…

I got back to Loughborough late on Saturday (where it was snowing) and flew back to Dublin on Sunday (where it was snowing). What’s going on? Where’s my board? 😦

*pop-up book

**not a patch on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, in my opinion



  1. Tres Bien! – we told you it would be good…… Loved the boardcam video. We are guessing that you are already saving up for the next holiday!
    Gratifying to see that French GCSE came in useful.

  2. Snow! so much snow.. it followed you.!!!

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