Tá mé go maith

11 February, 2009

Today was my first Irish class. I can now, just about, say hello. It’s complicated. For example, there’s no word for hello:

A: Dia duit (God be with you)

B: Dia is Muire duit (God and Mary be with you)

And for ‘ey oop, yarrii?‘ you go:

A: Conas atá tú? (How are you?)

B: Go breá, go raibh maith agat (Fine, thanks)

Maybe I should stick to lojban:

A: coi

B: coi

A: .i do mo

B: mi xamgu ki’e

I’d already met one of my classmates, Nicole, who is a friend of Heather’s. On the way out, Nicole and I opted for the stairs rather than risk the notoriously unreliable library lifts. On the way down from the 5th floor, you pass the 4th floor, the 3rd floor, the Mysterious Dark Alarmed Authorised Personnel Only floor, the 2nd floor, the 1st floor… so it’s true 😀


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  1. […] specifically advise against about Irish dancing, so I went along to the workshop I signed up for last Wednesday. This is sean-nós freestyle Irish dancing; that is, sorta like Riverdance but you can make it up […]

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