Sean-nós dancing

17 February, 2009

The Internet didn’t specifically advise against Irish dancing, so I went along to the workshop I signed up for last Wednesday. This is sean-nós freestyle Irish dancing; that is, sorta like Riverdance but you can make it up as you go along.

My understanding of the dance is this: put on some stompy shoes, play some suitable Irish music, and jump-click-bang-stomp on a small area of the floor like there’s an infestation of ants and dammit you’re going to eradicate them with style. Or at least, with enthusiasm and a look of only mild confusion. I am not one of nature’s dancers, but it was fun nonetheless. When it’s done right it’s supposed to look (and sound) like this.

By the way, should you ever require a síneadh fada or “long mark”, hold Alt-Gr and type the vowel you had in mind: áéíóú. It does what it says: makes a short vowel sound into a long one.


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