A quiet weekend in

25 February, 2009

I’ve had another four-day, high-mileage, low-sleep Weekend Of Awesome.

Friday: got up early* and flew to London to meet Abi. I discovered that there are more people with intimidatingly cool coloured hair in New Cross Gate than in all of Ireland. Abi’s house is a strange and pleasant combination of ad-hoc architecture, arty kipple, shiny tech and weird lists. I was brutally reminded just how much tea she drinks. Jittery from caffeine, I followed her across the chaos that is London on a Friday evening to Ax and Charlotte’s house in Cambridge for an evening of multiplayer geekery.

Saturday: got up early** for Ax’s Official Party Day. On our itinerary: Thetford Squirrel Maze, duckfeedery, presents and minor explosions, cake, Greek food and more geekery. Not on the itinerary but in there nonetheless: a swing Made Of Science, watching the flames coming from the exhaust of Luke’s MR2, and the realisation that all five housemates from my second year at uni had been reunited for the first time in probably three years.

Sunday: got up early*** to go to the Big Sing with my mum and dad and brother.

Monday: slept in, chilled out at home, visited the Nature Reserve, and then flew back to Dublin.

Unlikely things I did this weekend:

  • Got up before lunchtime three days in a row
  • Got eaten by a giant squirrel
  • Sang in Swahili
  • Made raptor noises in a forest
  • Imitated a hatstand
  • Almost kicked a 6’2 man in the head (Scott, you nearly got scienced!)

All in all, an excellent weekend. Thanks everyone (for food, floor space, transportation, directions, internet…) Ax, hope you had a great day šŸ˜€

* Well I woke up this morning…

** and I woke up yesterday too. Yeah, I woke up this morning, and I woke up yesterday too…

*** and if I wake up tomorrow morning, that’ll be three days in a row, oh yeah…



  1. Brutally? You have gone soft.

    Lovely to see you šŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I’m a tea lightweight these days šŸ˜¦

  2. Your worship is waning, get into that temple now!
    Meh I’ve never known anyone to consume tea the way Abi does.

    • *puts the kettle on*

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