Dangerous ideas

2 March, 2009

My Information Visualisation coursework is done and handed in. Mangling 12Gb of data with awk was deliciously easy. Mmm awk.

On Saturday I intended to go windsurfing, but having ended up seminocturnal as usual* I missed the 10am start. This is getting annoying now. I have been reading up on polyphasic sleep. It doesn’t sound like it could possibly work, but the purported benefits are very tempting. Is it dangerous? Nobody is really sure. I have another 9-5 intensive course coming up, so I have a few weeks to reconsider (or for you to convince me not to try this…)

Sunday was bizarre. I woke up full of enthusiasm for the day, went shopping and bought a pair of running shoes. I’m not quite sure what came over me. They are box-fresh and ridiculous-looking, but that is the nature of running shoes. Ah well, they’ll get covered in mud quickly enough around here.

* I now know this to be called ‘free-running sleep’: that is, the eminently sensible go-to-sleep-when-tired-and-get-up-when-awake. Trouble is, this cycle tends to take about 28 hours and is frequently interrupted by Real Life.



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