Free icecream tastes better

4 March, 2009

First of the icecream obtained following very careful scrutiny of the voucher’s small print by the woman in Centra. I should have warned her that I have a few more

In support of Heather and the Fair Trade Fortnight, I chose Fair Trade Vanilla icecream and she supplied Fair Trade orange-flavoured chocolate (chocolate+microwave=chocolate sauce). Mmm yeah.



  1. I once tried microwaving chocolate to make chocolate sauce and it just sort of turned into a horrible smelling charred mass. Any insight into what I was doing wrong?

    • Er, you burnt it? 😉

      It only takes a few seconds to reach 37ºC. Heather also added milk and butter because it was dark chocolate.

  2. Probably adding the milk and butter helped. Unfortunately I have no microwave so I can’t do further science to investigate best results.

  3. My sisters boyfreind microwaved a chocolate croissant for about 10 times the length of time he was meant to. It went really strange and caught on fire when he got it out. it Set the smoke detector off and when we came to investigate we found he had chucked it, still smoldering, into the bin.. Doh! There was melting bin bag going on.

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